Learn Flamenco Guitar

Teaching Flamenco Guitar

Chris Clavo

I’m passionate about passing on knowledge & experience gained over 25 years of playing and studying flamenco guitar – the most exiting and vibrant style of guitar playing ever invented. I teach the full range of solo flamenco guitar styles as well as accompaniment of flamenco dance & singing  – all with an emphasis on understanding the deep roots and evolving musical language of flamenco.

I teach both one-on-one lessons and group workshops with a large library of teaching resources to help students progress from never having played before to advanced flamenco styles & technique.

Classes will Cover

• Classic and contemporary flamenco guitar styles
• Flamenco technique for left & right hands
• Studies and exercises designed to reinforce the compas or rhythm
• How to improvise and turn your own musical ideas into flamenco
• How to accompany flamenco dancers and singers
• How to create amazing flamenco guitar solos