Flamenco Express

Formed in 1994 Flamenco Express ran Club Azul, the UKs first dedicated flamenco theatre in London.  In April 1996 we set up a permanent base in Greenwich Dance Agency have been touring ever since.  The last 21 years have seen over 700 performances in more than 450 venues and festivals including The Cervantes Theatre, The Jerwood Space,  Celtenham’s Everyman Theatre, Déda Derby, Cork Opera House, The Curve, The Troubador, Laban, Sidmouth & Towersea Folk Festivals, The Hackney Empire, The Theatre Royal, Bath, Dublin’s Ark Theatre and many more.

Flamenco is music, sex and history all rolled into one. The fiercest expression of the human spirit ever devised. The Flamenco Express policy is simply to obtain the best flamenco artists available, give them total artistic freedom, and present them to audiences without constraints of any kind. The result is an amazing diversity of artistic voices all committed to the art of flamenco, all delivering their own unfiltered view of the world in their own unique way according to how they feel at that particular moment in time.

New Audiences

A Flamenco Express performance presents the full range of flamenco forms in a manner both accessible and stimulating to a broad modern audience, without compromising or watering down the style, vitality and conviction of true flamenco – and in a way which which works in both large and small venues.

The range of musicality, rhythms and free-flowing improvisation is as wide as any jazz, classical or blues audience could hope to hear, and attracts diverse audiences reflecting a broad range of interests and age groups. It can serve as a wonderful introduction to dance theatre for those who would not normally go to see ballet or contemporary dance, and is often an eyeopener for those that do..

Flamenco has taken up its rightful place as one of the world most highly developed and expressive roots art forms, and is regularly found topping the bills at jazz, folk, world music and dance festivals. Artists as diverse as Carlos Santana, Twyla Tharpe, Mark Morris, José Carreras & Björk have been inspired by their collaborations with flamenco artists, and yet there remains the darker, elusive and highly addictive quality in flamenco puro which ensnares audiences and leaves them needing more and more.