Momentos de Reflexión – Emilio Ochando

These are moments of reflection, of evaluating and channeling what we want or don’t want - this is how I am feeling in the closed space in which I find myself.

Flamenco in Solitary

At a terrible nightmare time which screams out for flamenco poetry to make sense of it, we are all in solitary confinement...
picasso minotaur

The Greatest Trick – Flamenco & Picasso

When Picasso said 'There is no end to the tricks I learnt from the Gypsies' he wasn't just talking about learning to smoke a cigarette up his nose..
Antonio El Pola

A short History of Flamenco Song

What we call cante flamenco continues to evolve and is probably healthier now than at any other time..

20 Years! Venues & Artists 1996 -2016

Artists Adrián Brenes • Alberto Vicente • Alejandro Molinero • Ana de los Reyes • Antonio el Pola • Antonio de Sevilla • Victor Manuel Fernandez Gonzalez • Elena la Machana • Emilio Ochando • Felipe de Algeciras • Fernado…