Workshops & Classes

Outreach Workshops
Our flamenco dance outreach workshops are usually 120 minutes long with guitar accompaniment. The level is beginners/intermediate, and therefore is suitable for both novices and dancers trained in other styles who would like to learn flamenco.
The content of the workshop varies but can be described as an introduction to contemporary flamenco allowing participants to experience the power for themselves, and to be more aware of the complexities of a flamenco performance.

Schools Workshops
Flamenco Express schools workshops use a variety of dance, live music, imagery and rhythm games to explore flamenco art, culture and history in a way which is exiting, engaging and fun.
We have worked with groups from primary and secondary education, performing arts groups in further and higher education, and special needs groups through our 6 year community project with Nine Acres Special School, in Plumstead.

Learn Flamenco Guitar
Lessons covering the full range of solo flamenco guitar styles as well as accompaniment of flamenco dance & singing – all with an emphasis on understanding the deep roots and evolving musical language of flamenco.
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We have recently had the pleasure of a visit from Flamenco Express who held a workshop for the students of our special needs college.
Jackie and her partner worked intuitively and enthusiastically with the students who thoroughly enjoyed and benefited from the experience.
She encouraged student involvement showing sensivity to their physical limitations and ability and they greatly benefited from their visit.
We have no hesitation in recommending Flamenco Express, who we hope will visit us again.
Vice Principal
Nash College, Bromley, Kent

La Joaquina came in to Saint Ursula’s Convent School for an Enrichment Day in May of this year and delivered an extremely successful Flamenco Express Workshop to 120 or our Year 8 pupils, divided into 3 groups of 40. Each session lasted one hour.
I and all of the staff present were impressed by the way in which she organised and taught these fairly large groups of pupils who had never encountered the art form before. She has a natural and pleasant manner with the girls and is also authoritative without ever being loud. She coped well with an elongated and not ideal space, and made sure all participants had their turn and were encouraged. In a short time, she gave our pupils the flavour of the dance and the music.
Her guitarist was a great asset and the effect of the live music is dramatic and effective.
At the end of the day, many of the pupils said that this enrichment day – A celebration of Hispanic Culture – was the best day yet, and this was due to the kind of action and participation achieved in the Flamenco Workshop (as well as in other events). We are looking forward to inviting Jackie back to work in our school.
Enrichment Coordinator
St Ursula’s Convent School
Humanities College, London

Student Comments (International School Seychelles)

Learning Flamenco was definitively something worth remembering…
Zarine Udwadia

As a lover of dance, flamenco was a chance to learn a new style of dance and I relished the possibility. I would not pass up the opportunity to do it again, I am always up for a challenge and Flamenco is challenging but achievable.
Linda Essandoh

The dance is very expressive and sensual. The music itself is very beautiful and essential to the dancing. However, it is not an easy dance to learn and requires a lot of energy. Watching our teacher, Jacqui perform was truly incredible. I would definitively take part in the workshop again if I had the opportunity to do so.
Alison Ah-Yu

I started off confused but literally sixty minutes later, I was dancing Flamenco. It is a very tough art and involves careful control of the whole body as well as keeping time to the music and remembering to use the right foot!
Stephen Ernesta

It was the second time that I had taken part. I enjoyed the workshop immensely as I am very interested in dancing.
Rosabelle Mederick

I still remember the rhythm: Clap, 1, 2, clap, 4, 5, clap, 7, clap, 9, clap, 11…
Marie-Michelle Lai Lam

The Flamenco dancing workshop was a great experience. I’ve taken part in it twice so far and both times I’ve really enjoyed myself. Jacqui, the teacher, is a very talented dancer and her guitarist is amazing. During the first couple of sessions, we had to learn a dance and Jacqui made it look so much easier than it actually was! Overall, the Flamenco dancing was fun and I can’t wait for the next workshop.
Lynn Prea

Incidental Comments

I will never forget looking out of my office window and seeing a student showing dance steps to someone who had to come to pick them up. And to top that three others joined in!
Mr. Kennedy – Headmaster

It was great to see your students on the beach and they were all trying out their Flamenco steps, they were so good, my daughter has only just arrived on the island and she’s already involved!
A parent.