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The Greatest Trick - Flamenco & Picasso

When Picasso said 'There is no end to the tricks I learnt from the Gypsies' he wasn't just talking about learning to smoke a cigarette up his nose, or perform card tricks. Picasso was exposed to the gypsy concept of Duende at an early age, and it had a lasting effect on his work.
Antonio El Pola

A short History of Flamenco Song

There is much testimony to the tremendous flamenco activity that developed in Triana during the last third of the nineteenth century. The two most notable names were El Planeta, the first singer of cante jondo who sang romances, polos, siguiriyas (his being the oldest which is still sung today).

20 Years! Venues & Artists 1996-2016

Artists Adrián Brenes • Alberto Vicente • Alejandro Molinero • Ana de los Reyes • Antonio el Pola • Antonio de Sevilla • Victor Manuel Fernandez Gonzalez • Elena la Machana • Emilio Ochando • Felipe de Algeciras • Fernado…

20 Years

Apparently, 20 years is a long time. It doesn’t feel it. It feels like a motorway movie of the glorious British landscape in all its shapes and seasons, with giant memory-screens flashing up images of fairytale theatres and grotty lovely theatres. Of…

Rhythm in the Isles

Performer Jackie Wilford experiences paradise teaching flamenco in the Seychelles This article, first published in the Winter 2010 edition of Animated, is reproduced by permission of Foundation for Community Dance. All Rights Reserved. See…

Flamenco - The Gypsy Blues - Rob Kenyon

Trying to define where and when a particular form of music began has always been a dangerous game. New evidence is always emerging which makes muesli of finely tuned theories. And at the end of the day, where do you stop? Ultimately,…

Iron In The Soul

Science Art and The Universe An experiment on stage. The evolution of rhythm from chaos to order and back again, as choreographed by The Cosmos. The piece explores the nature of rhythm in science, art and culture. Iron in the Soul is a project…